Castle Ville

  Castle Ville has done by the famous game firm Zynga, and this game is an online- based game. This game has started to become famous by facebook games and took its place in the world's leading game companies.  While you are playing this game you will enjoy to creat your own country. You will start to play with an empty town then start to built your country.  Town items categorized in to different parts. You can find roads, pavements, water, and grass. You can find some transportations like cars, busses, and boats for see transportation. You can find some buildings such as houses, offices, farm buildings. You can find windmills, traffic signs. There are some items that you need to use while you are playing. You can select the items which you want and  what you want to do. Even you can determine the weather and you can change the town's setting. You can apply colors and patterns to different parts of the item. You can play this game with your "MOUSE". After the game has been loaded click "START" to play.  If you are ready to creat your own country lets start