Car Transporter

In this game your duty is to transport the car from garege to the showroom. Drag the car and place it in the transport truck then run the truck.  You need to load the cars to the truck by using your "MOUSE". And take the car which you had loaded to the car to showroom from garege. But be careful don't overthrow the cars, the road is rough.You can pass the level after you had deliver the cars to the showroom. You can play this game by using your "MOUSE" and "ARROW KEYS". After the game has been loaded click "START" button and then click "NEW GAME" Then select your level. If you haven't played this game before you must start from the first level. First load the cars to the truck and click "START" button then use "ARROW KEYS" to move.Don't drive your truck fast. After you have finised the level click on the "CONTİNUE" to start new level.  You can turn on/off the music with the written music sign on the right bottom of the screen.  If you are ready lets start there are number of car that you must transport