Bomberman Robocop

The game "Robocop Bomberman" is a new version of the classic game "Bomberman". With this game you have an opportunity of playing versus the computer or your friends. The nice side of this game is to play versus 3 other players, it means a totality of 4 players at the same time!! You can learn the buttons for playing this game by pressing the "Instructions", then pressing the "Controls" section. You can make some ajustments about the rules fo the game. For example; from the "Victory" section you can decide to the number of the victories for beating your opponents. The other option on the game is the number of players. You can play this game versus the computer or if you want you have the chance of playing versus your friends. This means you can play with 3 friends. After these ajustements, you should press the "Start" button for beginning to the game. The game is quiet simple..Destroy all your opponents with your bombs!! You have a limited time that is indicated at the top right corner of the screen for achieving the victory. During the game you can improve the skills of the robocop from power to speed by exploiting the boxes and then collecting the positive bonuses. These bring you some advantages against your opponents. But pay attention on the negative bonuses which they will get you weaker. Have a nice game