Berry Cheese Cake

Today your cooking teacher Sara will teach you how you can make an delicious Berry Cheese Cake. Lets see how you can do this.  You will see cake pan, sugar, melted butter, graham crackers, plastic spatula on the left buttom of the screen. Find all of them in the kitchen, click and drag them to the table and put them on to the given area. Over preheated the oven to the 325 F.  Mix all ingredients in the food processor. Pour the mixture to the cake pan and put it to the oven. Take the trivet from the cabinet and put it to the table. Open the oven door, take the cake and put it on to the trivet.  After you have finished the preparing the crust start to preparing the cheesecake filling. Follow the given direction from the left bottom of the screen and prepare it. Then it is time to decorare your cheese cake.  Try to do as fast as you can, get more points. Hurry up your friends are waiting your delicious cheese cake.