Ben10 Atomic Transporter

Ben's friends Keniv and Giwen were kidnaped by Vilgax. And he wants a ransom of one ton automic energy from Ben. To fullfill this mission Ben is waiting for your help. Please help Ben to save his friends, otherwise Vilgax will kill his friend, Kevin and Giwen. To achieve this mission you need to complete 10 levels. Click first level and start to carry automic energy. Wait for the truck loading and drive your truck when the green light is on.  Game Controls: Up Arrow Key: Gas Left Arrow Key: Balance left Right Arrow Key: Balance Right Down Arrow Key: Brake Be careful the road is very bumpy, you need to carry enough automic energy. So try to drive slowly, but on the other hand you have limited time control your remaining time on the left top of the screen. And pay attention not to give damage to the vehicle. When you finished the level successfully click "NEXT STAGE" button. To restart the level click "SPACE BAR". Lets start and rescue Ben's friend. Otherwise Vilgax would kill them, hurry up!!!!!