Ben10 at WAR

  Be ready to participate at a new adventure with BEN10, the süper heroe and closer friend of kid’s!! You can watch the story of the game after loaded it with clicking the button “PLAY”. If you want to pass this stage you can presse to “SKIP”. After the story, BEN10 leaves the plane. On this stage, you are about to learn of the control keys of the game. Directing BEN10: The arrow keys or “W, A, S, D”. Fire: “SPACEBAR” or “J”. Look at the map: “M”. After that, you can select the stage wich you will play. If you will play the first, you will can select only the first stage. After the selecting of the stage, you are ready to play the game. Collect the “Money BEN10” during the game. You can control your energy with the indicator “HEALTH” and your rights of playing the game with the indicator “LIVES”. The other indicators are “COINS” which you can see you points that you collect “BEN10 Moneys”, the “SCORE” that you demonstrate your total points and with “ENEMIES DESTROYED” you can see your number of enemies that you killed. When you press the button “M” you can see a green point which mean the character BEN10 and the red points mean your enemies. For exiting from the MAP, you should press to “CONTINUE”. Your main goal at this game is to reach the door “EXIT”. The advebntures of BEN10 are going to continue. Good luck ;)