Bee at Work

Bees are the most hardworking and miraculous animals as you know. They run non-stop from one  flower to a nother to produce honey for us. But most of us are afraid of them because of their pin.  In this game you will help our lovely hardworking bee. It produces and sells its own honey.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button then start to work. You will see the number of the flower that you need to plant. Plant the flowers and produce honey from them. Then click the shop bottom on the right buttom of the screen. Sell the honey which the lovely bee has produced to your customers. To pass the level you need to reach to the target. Be careful you have limited time. Follow your time from the timer on the left bottom of the screen. You can see the target and the money you have earned.  Lets start, produce healty honey with hardworking bee, sell them and earn money.