Barbie Twins Babysitter

Barbie has a happy life with her twins, she has a boy and a girl baby. It is not easy to look at the twins. Lets help Barbie to look after her twins. First make the child's bath, shampoo, rinse and dry them. You can make them even happier with every transaction. After the bath clean underneath and dressed neatly. Get ready to go out, an enjoyable day is waiting for you. Dressed and then take a stroll in the park then you need to feed them. Clean their mouths after you feed them. Now give daily fresh milk for the children's health. And do not forget to clean their mouths. At the end turn back to your home, give their toys while you are having a rest.  To make them happy you need to be hurry the are alittle bit impatient. If you make them unhappy the game will over. You can see their satisfaction on the bottom of the screen.