Barbie Tennis

Do you like playing tennis? Tennis is the one of the most favoure sport and there are lots of tennis funs. The beautiful barbie is a succesful tennis player. She is in the court now and waiting for you. She is very excited because she has a very important match now. For this match she wants to wear her best tennis costum, and wants to use other tennis accessories and use her best racket. Do you want to choose them for her? After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button. Then you will see the Barbie in the tennis court. You will see the items on the right side of her. First choose her  hair style. Long short, straight, curly, blonde, yellow..which one is the best for her? Think and choose it for her. Then click "RIGHT ARROW" on the screen to see dresses. Pink, white, green, yellow..She has colorful dresses choose one of them for her. Or you can choose skirt and tshirt instead of dress. Then choose her shoes, socks, and at the end her racket. Click and drag the items that you have choosen.  Hurry up she has a little time  to preparing for the game.