Barbie As Rapunzel

Barbie lengtened her hair like a nother hero Rapunzel of the girls. The prince of the country saw her, fall in love with her and invited her to dinner. But the barbie couldn't decide what she will wear to dinner. Do you want to help her? After the game has been loaded press the "PLAY" button. Use your "MOUSE" to play. Shoes, flowers, tiaras, necklases..Choose one of the jewelery around her and use it. If you want you can use the "UNDO"button left bottom corner of the screen and  tace back your last move. When you have finished all transactions you can use the "NEXT" button to watch the first meeting of the barbie and prince. Click the "PLAY AGAIN" button to play again. Lets start and see their happiness together. Have a great FUN