Baby Hazel Fun time

Hazel is a very cute baby but her mother needs your help to keep her happy. If her requests aren't made on time and make her wait she starts to cry. If you can keep her happy you can gain more points.  While you are playing don't forget to control the bubble near her head. For example if you see a deaper on the bubble you need to change her diaper.  You can see the level of her happiness on the bar at the left top corner of the screen. ıf you let her cry the happines bar goes empty and you lose the game.  Use your "MOUSE" to play this game.  Change her diaper, prepare some milk for her, give her toys to play. Be carefull give a toy of her choice otherwise she will cry. If you make her happy at the end of the level she smiles. Hazel woke up and her mother waiting for you don't wait her and Hazel. Have Fun!!!