Baby Blimp

Hi girls, the lovely storks established a factory to produce babies, no no you didn't hear wrong, it's true Now you start to work in this factory to help our storks, you will work all day and night to package a baby, girl or boy. Select the sex of the babies and click to the machine. If you click the boy, the machine gives you a boy, if you click the girl the machine gives you a girl. Our lovely babies wants something from you before they were packaged. When the baby wants to feed first click to the baby bottle than the baby.Use this methods for your babies other wantings such as bath, towel, bed..  Don't forget to click the red button of the last machine after the stork packeged the baby.  After the game has been loaded write your name to "PLAYER"  and click "OK".  Use your "MOUSE" to play.