Axis American Football League

Welcome to the most popular game of the world which is also so popular between the American people, called NFL.  On the main menu you have 5 options about the game. At first, you have to prefer only one. The others are depend on your success with your team!! If you want, let's begin to play on "Quick Game" mode. After clicking "Quick Game" mode you will choose one of the fourteen teams which they are pointed on 5 different specialities: Passing, rushing, blocking, rush defence and pass defence. Your team should have an important speciality relatively with your tactics and strategies. The name of the teams are: Arizona Birds, Baltimore NightHawks, Carolina Prowlers, Chicago Grizzlies, Dallas Wranglers, İndianapolis Mustangs, New England Volunteers, New Orleans Crushaders, New York Rockets, Oakland Pillagers, Pittsburg Steelmen, Philadelphia NorthBirds, San Diego Storm, San Francisco Gold Rushers and All-Stars. After selecting your team, you should also select a team which will be your opponent. Then select the difficulty level between these options: Rookie, Pro, All-Star and Hall of Fame. Do not forget also to slect your shirt colour before the game. On these there are many strategies that you should prefer relatively the strategies of your opponent.  We wish you a seccesfull season with your favorite team in NFL.