Angry Birds Halloween

Welcome fans of Angry Birds World's to the new Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Halloween !! The rule of the game is the same like the ancients, shoot the barricades by using angry birds via a slingshot. At first, press to the button "PLAY" in form of a pumpkin for beginning at this game. Waiting a  moment for loading the game. Then, select the first level and begin to destroy the barricades. There are 20 levels that you need to complete, first levels are more easier than the next levels. You can follow your score on the right top of the screen and just below of this you can see your high score that you have achieved. Do not forget that you can destroy more barricades with using havier angry birds. All people play and love angry birds game in the world. If you don't want to fall behind this craze lets start, play and spend your free time more fun. You can find all of the other angry birds games in our web site.