A New Star Soccer

Look at this game guys, we present you a new soccer game that you will live a professional soccer life. At first, you will subscribe with your real name and select a football league with a football club. Pay attention that you will be at 16 years old at the beginning of the game and you should improve your talent for taking the shirt on your team. If you can progress necessarily, you can be selected also at the national team!! You should concentrate at your trainning and your match days. On your trainning you can raise up your talent on three categories: Power, Speed and Technic. You should pay attention on the ratio of your energy because every trainnig cause a grow less. On the other hand you should also make an equilibration between your team, your coach and your supporters.  These factors affect your performance on the pitch. All match you will gain or lose points and you should spend these for the right things. If you need some energy you should absolutely take an energy drink. But if you can spend your energy economicly, it's more useful to buy a crampon that it will help you on the pitch at your speed, your power and technic. It's not easier as it appears in. We wish you a long and succesful soccer life