School Bus License

  You will be the driver of  a school bus in this game. You will have differernt mission each level. There are totaly 20 levels that you need to complete.  Wait for loading for a few seconds and click anywhere on the screen. Then click "PLAY" button. You will see your mission each 20 level on the screen. Click the anywhere on this screen to start first level. In first level drive the bus and stop when you come to the bus station. You need to the pick up the kids and transport them to a nother station. Follow the arrows on the road to fing your way. You will encounter something on the road that you must consider. For example there will be an accidendt on the road, be careful don't hit the police. Pay attention to the pedestrians and animals walking on the road. Lets start, complete each level one by one. Drive your bus carefully!!!!